In 2009, I left a very successful career as a Research Neuroscientist/Biochemist for a Fortune 500 R&D Corporation because of the abuse I was subjected to for my refusal to misrepresent some of my data for the mechanism of action of two key products. As you can imagine, this was an extremely difficult time for me and my family. This shock and betrayal, not only affected my pre-existing fibromyalgia but must have caused such a shock to my body, that I developed facial and cranial hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).

In my search for ‘wipes’ that would help me quickly wipe the sweat off my face, I soon realized that no such products existed! So, ever the scientist, I decided to create such a wipe. I was busy being a Mom, Consultant and Educator, and certainly wasn’t looking to start a business. This was just one of my many side projects. After identifying some of the technical properties I would want in such a wipe, I started researching various materials. I was so blessed to have the support of my amazing husband, Greg, and my two brothers. For over a year, I experimented with little success. But then, I found it! I then created a number of Medzorb(R) prototypes and initially, tested them myself. Hey, my hyperhidrosis is like a fountain and if these worked for me, I was certain that they could be optimized for others. After some creativity, prototyping and testing, we patented our popular PetalPatt(R) Facial wipes. These wipes are in the shape of a flower and are a stylish and effective way to “pat” the sweat and facial oils from the contours of your face. Plus, the material leaves your skin feeling cool and fresh!

PetalPatts received extremely positive reviews from many women who had excessive sweating from heat or exercise. We also found that PetalPatt wipes were very effective for women who suffer hot-flashes/night sweats associated with a variety of medical issues, including menopause, hyperhidrosis and even the side-effects of chemotherapy. Mom’s began using PetalPatt wipes as lactation pads! We even had some women use them for what’s called “under boob sweat”. Now that was an unexpected solution. So with all these positive reviews, we thought, “let’s expand this product even more.”

Before long, thanks to my dear friend, Anne (the Queen of Prototyping and Sewing), we had made and tested our first Medzorb headbands. We named these headbands Zorby Bands. Our colorful and stylish headbands do an amazing job of absorbing sweat and they won’t slip off your head like many other headbands do. So guess what? – NO MORE BURNING EYES!

With so much positive feedback, we next developed our Zorby Headties and Medzorb Sports Towels. No more being self-conscious about your sweating! Medzorb products are made to keep your skin dry and feeling great!

Within our second year of being in business, we started making our cooling towels.  And recently, we have just developed our line of sweat-absorbing caps for anyone who wants to run or bike without sweat.  In fact, these even keep you warm in the winter! BONUS!!

At Medzorb, our goal is to provide you with the best cooling and sweat-absorbing products, while at the same time, giving back to our community. I am passionate about helping feed our hungry children.    When you buy a Medzorb product, know that you are donating 5 meals to Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana (

We appreciate you visiting us here at Medzorb and invite you to experience the amazing sweat-absorbing and cooling power of our products. 

Thank you for supporting Medzorb!


– Nailah Orr, Ph.D.