Keeping Cool in Puerto Rico with Medzorb Cooling Towels

Keeping Cool in Puerto Rico with Medzorb Cooling Towels

The first time I visited Puerto Rico was about 8 months after hurricane Maria. Even then, the devastation we saw was heart-stopping. So many houses destroyed, palm trees fallen, debris everywhere; it was an unimaginable loss.

We arrived at our hotel around 1 am. It was so dark that even the taxi driver was lost, but we could feel the balmy breeze and the loud crashing of the waves. Admittedly, when I noticed how close we were to the still-angry sea, I wondered if we would have to move.

When the sun rose, damage from a smaller recent storm was visible in every direction. Since the hotel was so close to the beach, the street that separated it from the ocean was covered in mountains of displaced sand. The cars that had been parked near the hotel had so much sand under them that they had to be towed them away in order to clear that street.

Despite my initial concerns, our trip quickly turned into a wonderful and memorable experience. During our week long stay, we met some of the warmest people, both from Puerto Rico and all over the world. It was so nice to see visitors and locals enjoying the beauty of this vibrant island, and we were glad to join them.

One of my objectives was to use this family trip as an opportunity to test out our new Medzorb sweat-absorbing and cooling towels under very tough conditions like heat, humidity and sand. I had no idea how much all three of us would come to rely on our towels!

We took some large towel prototypes that were the size of a small beach towel, and some regular sized ones. The smaller ones went everywhere with us. Most days, the temperatures were in the high 80’s and might cool down to 75F. Being near the ocean was nice because of the breeze, but it still felt very hot with the sun is beating down on us, and let’s not forget the humidity! As you might imagine, people were sweating a lot. With my facial hyperhidrosis, I of course, was sweating a TON more than than everyone else…

The locals seem to be better at handling the heat, but even they were sweating! The other tourists were constantly either fanning themselves, wearing hats, drinking lots of water, or simply wearing nasty looking cotton towels on their heads. Basically, sweat was seen on everyone. Being able to have our Medzorb towels and hair ties (I personally prefer those over headbands) was an amazing relief.

When the heat and humidity became unbearable, we wet our towels and hair ties in cold water (thank goodness for our cold water bottles) and used the wet towels for cooling. This quickly proved that Medzorb cooling towels aren’t just a sweat absorption product, but an effective way to keep cool in intense heat. Medzorb saved the day, maybe even the whole trip!

As a scientist, I’m all about data, data and more data…frankly too much data! With that said, had we not tested our towels on a real beach, we wouldn’t have learned that Medzorb towels aren’t just cooling towels, they’re incredible beach towels! The sand does not stick to them, so all you have to do is shake it off! That’s definitely a bonus if you are going to spend most of the day laying on the beach, as my daughter did.

Not only was this one of the best trips to relax and get some much time together, but it ended up giving me the confidence to take Medzorb to the next level. Most importantly, it made me want to return to Puerto Rico as soon as possible.

I deeply believe that this lovely island and it’s beautiful, hospitable people deserve to have their valuable tourism back; so please, if you are wondering about visiting Puerto Rico, stop wondering and start planning your trip! You will not be disappointed. To make the experience even better, order a few Medzorb towels take them with you. After all, they barely take up any space in your luggage!


From Refugee to Small Business Owner | My Story of Giving Back

From Refugee to Small Business Owner | My Story of Giving Back

I was born in Uganda, East Africa, but was forced to leave my home and everything that I knew and loved when I became a refugee at the age of 9 ½ years. When we left Uganda, we simply locked the door to our home and got on a plane, leaving our life as we knew it. This journey changed my life and fueled my passion for helping those in need.

After leaving Uganda, my Mom, myself, and my two younger brothers moved to Pakistan (where my Mom was born) to stay with family while my Dad tried to get himself out of danger and to a new, safer homeland. We had no idea if Dad would survive the ravages of this exodus, or where he would end up. He could only rescue the four of us and couldn’t get himself out, despite his high position in Ugandan society. He was born there as was his Mother, but during this horrible apartheid, none of that mattered.

During this time, so many families were torn apart; many were harmed physically, and all lost everything that they ever owned or loved. Even years later, many tragedies followed these refugees to their new adopted homelands, including a high rate of divorce, and particularly amongst the young, suicide.

Dad eventually made his way to Canada, but without a penny to his name. He recalled the story of getting off the plane in Toronto, reaching into his shirt pocket to get out his cigarettes, only to realize that he didn’t have any, nor did he have any money to buy them or anything else. He eventually borrowed money and was able to bring us to Canada after 9 months of separation. He went from being an elite member of Ugandan society to a mechanic who worked for minimum wage while being treated as a “Paki” outsider. He had to rebuild from the ground up and suffer a ton of humiliation, but at least he was alive and could finally reunite with his family.

The year my family reunited was also the first time I saw snow, and it was magical. From that point on, snow represented my family’s unity and safety, and whenever I see it, It’s still magical to me. To this day, I am indebted to Canada and love it with all my heart. Until I was 25, I lived in Southwestern Ontario, Canada and obtained my BSc and MSc in Biology. In graduate school, I met my best friend and fellow Canadian scientist, Greg, who later became my husband. After graduation and our wedding, we moved to the USA so I could complete my PhD at Michigan State University. I became a US citizen have lived in Michigan and Indiana for a total of 27 years.

My parents raised us to be honest and to always give back and pay it forward. If you had the opportunity to help somebody in need, it was your moral obligation to do so. My Medzorb journey, which was never planned from the beginning, is now my way of giving back. I believe that we as humans exist to help each other – and I intend to do this by easing the pain, discomfort, anxiety, and embarrassment of anyone who suffers from excessive sweating. I know how horrible it is to struggle with excessive sweating; that’s why my goal for Medzorb is to help and support people with similar issues by providing them with innovative and effective solutions.

But for me, it doesn’t stop there. I love people, but I love animals too. My family fosters cats and kittens for the Indianapolis Humane Society ( We get cats from all sorts of places, including rescues from areas that have been hit by natural disasters. These animals are given the best medical and behavioral treatment possible, then they are often sent to one of the foster homes within the IndyHumane network. The key is that IndyHumane is a no-KILL shelter, so they do everything they can to give these animals a chance at a new life. Everything about this program is accomplished by volunteers and contributions. IndyHumane is not sponsored by any government (local or federal grants). So every little bit helps.

I like to think that I have passed along my parents mission of paying it forward to the next generation of our family. Five years ago, when my daughter Aneesa was 15, she donated nearly 100 dog chew toys, made out of fleece. She hand-cut each one, and hand-braided them so shelter dogs at IndyHumane have their own clean and sturdy toy to chew on and play with. Three years ago, when she was 17, she donated about 100 fleece blankets that she made for the shelter. Some were pink and some were blue, but the cats don’t care, do they? This small token gives those cats something soft and warm; a nice addition to their new temporary home. So, since Medzorb is already about helping, we decided that a fleece cat blanket or a doggy chew toy would be donated for every Medzorb product sold.

When you purchase from Medzorb, you will be making an impact. With your purchase, you will not only help a small company owned by a woman from a refugee family, you will be helping a cat or a dog in need. Whether you buy just one item, or several, you’ll be contributing to the snowball effect of compassion, care, and giving that my parents instilled in me so long ago.



Meet Medzorb, the Sweat Absorbing Fabric Superhero

Meet Medzorb, the Sweat Absorbing Fabric Superhero

Sweating is part of life, but controlling it shouldn’t require major life changes. I know what it’s like to struggle with excessive sweating, and I wanted to create a sweat absorbing fabric that would be a total game-changer for anyone with a “sweaty” problem.

As you may have read already, Medzorb is the result of my own decade long struggle with hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. I had already been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and various hormonal imbalances as an adult, but it was my major transition from a stable career to entrepreneurship that triggered my anxiety and opened the floodgates of sweat. It was an unexpected and unwelcome surprise.

My facial and cranial sweating was so severe that I couldn’t wear sweaters any more. My entire morning ritual of dressing for the day was focused on what would make me sweat the least, regardless of the season. Factors like weather and temperature weren’t the culprit. No matter whether it was Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, when I started sweating, it poured off my face. Sweat became a daily battle, and it was impacting every part of my life.

Can you imagine standing in front of a crowd delivering a speech, knowing that at any moment you’d start sweating like someone had opened the tap? If this sounds familiar, then I guess that you already know what I’m talking about. You also already understand that it was simply the worst feeling knowing that no matter how well I prepared, I would inevitably sweat and everyone would notice. Sweat wasn’t just a little problem anymore, it was out of control.

Even fans were just a temporary fix. Besides, from a logistical standpoint, fans weren’t a long term or practical solution. Even if I could have brought a fan with me everywhere I went, it would be a bit awkward to use a fan at a meeting, presentation, or the grocery store. Then one day, I was presenting some research at Purdue University (Indiana) and I started sweating. It was more than just sweat, it was the definition of excessive. I pulled out my tissues, but they simply stuck to my face. The more I tried to pretend that there wasn’t liquid pouring from my face, the more the sweat came. I was mortified, and there was no end in sight, even after I resorted to making a menopause joke and wiping myself dry with a towel.

This was my breaking point. I realized that if this continued, I would have to stop giving presentations. It turns out that I’m actually pretty good at public speaking and enjoy sharing ideas with the audience. Cutting this passion out of my life and letting sweat win just wasn’t an option! In trying to control my own sweating, I had already looked tirelessly for a facial wipe that could absorb sweat in one wipe. That product didn’t exist! Then I remembered that I am a scientist. With research, hard work, and a little time, I knew I could find a solution.

At first I thought “how hard can this be? I’ll just figure out the best chemical composition of a material that can absorb a lot of sweat in one pass! I decided that while I was at it, I might as well also add in facial oil absorption. That sounded easy. I had tackled much more complicated research projects. My initial plan was just to make some wipes for myself and solve my own problem.

Unfortunately, the quick solution I imagined wasn’t as speedy as I had hoped for, and I would deal with more than a year of testing many different material compositions and sweating profusely in the lab before I would finally be satisfied with the result. Finally my hard work paid off, and I developed a sweat absorbing fabric that solved my problem definitively! Initially, I thought that I could rest and enjoy my invention, until I realized that what I had created was capable of more than I expected.

Not only did I have something that absorbed sweat in one wipe, it was also:

✅ odor-resistant
✅ anti-microbial.
✅  washable
✅ It could be reused many times without any loss of absorption. (In fact, my Medzorb prototypes absorbed up to 10X the sweat of any cotton towel.)
✅  It was much softer than any other towel or wipe I had ever tried. I have extremely sensitive skin, so it had to be non-irritating to my skin. And it was!!

This absorbent and seemingly magical fabric was so good at absorbing my facial sweat and facial oils that I was strongly encouraged by friends and family to get a patent for this facial wipe! Around this time, my youngest brother came up with the name Medzorb. At the time I thought it was a bit clinical, but today, I know that it’s perfect for my Hyperhidrosis products. After all, they’re both medical and absorbent!

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and when there’s a sweaty problem that needs a solution, now there’s Medzorb! I’m so glad that I committed the time and effort to solve my own problem, and in doing so created something that can help so many others with their own sweat-related challenges.



The Medzorb Origin Story | Sweat, Struggles, and Big Ideas.

The Medzorb Origin Story | Sweat, Struggles, and Big Ideas.

I loved my job as a Neuroscientist with all my soul. Taking a leap of faith to resign and start my own company, Medzorb, was anything but easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is!

My name is Nailah, and I am a Mom, a Research Neuroscientist and an Educator. I have lived in the small city of Carmel, Indiana for over 25 years; but because of my rich and diverse upbringing, I consider myself a citizen of the globe! I feel like I belong to many groups and ethnicities, which has fostered my passion for interconnectedness and networking. Back at home, I live with my very small family, as well as a houseful of four-legged creatures. I’ve always loved animals, and maybe that is what led me to study Biology and eventually Neuroscience.

For nearly 17 years, I worked as a Research Scientist for DOW’s agrochemical division (one of the world’s largest Agrochemical companies in the USA). After a great deal of success in my career, I started to feel out of balance in my job, no longer able to make my ethical values fit perfectly with this kind of career. I also began to feel that I wanted something new, something different. This realization came as a surprise to me, and my departure from my career was sudden and unplanned. In fact, I had always expected to retire from my career at DOW, but sometimes life has a way of changing our plans, and that’s exactly what it did!

Sometimes change comes easily. Sometimes it doesn’t. And this time it didn’t. Leaving behind the stability of my career, so many friends, and the enjoyment of my beloved job hit me harder than I expected. Surprisingly, this big life change impacted me so deeply that I developed extreme anxiety and was later diagnosed with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). I remember thinking that there has to be a reason for all of this, and thankfully I was right.

I have always had a passion and desire to help others. This stems from my own life experiences, but it also comes from my upbringing by the most generous parents I could ever have. I was raised to always give and help by parents who led by example.

My parents risked their lives to get us to safety so I feel that when I help someone, I honor my parents’ memory. I knew in my heart that it was time to tie that passion for helping others into my new, reinvented career.

Reinventing myself took some time, and my new diagnosis of PTSD brought an unexpected friend to my life: heavy sweating on my scalp and face. Despite my initial frustration with this new issue, it was the inspiration I needed to help guide my new career path and the subsequent birth of my company, Medzorb. I knew that if I was dealing with this kind of sweating, so many others were too! This realization pushed me to take the next step and begin production of sweat-absorbing products that could help anyone who is experiencing excessive sweating, whether caused by health issues, heavy work, sunlight or athletic prestations.

Maybe you’re wondering if my new business has helped me move on from my career as a scientist. Thankfully, i’m still able to hold onto it. I continue to consult every once in a while, and since I am very passionate about advocacy and have the skill set to help many more people, I’m dedicating some time to doing a lot of volunteer work, in addition to my favorite full time job of being a good wife and mother.

If you’ve made it this far, I owe you a big thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to learn my story, and how it brought me to where I am. Now that you know a little bit about me – I hope you’ll tell me your story. I’d love to hear it!