Want to Block the Heat and Sweat?

Medzorb’s high-performance sweat absorbing and cooling hair ties and sports towels are now available in a limited edition design just for iBeach31 patrons. Our advanced fabric not only absorbs over 10X its weight in sweat, but it can also be used as a cooling towel. So you can avoid sweat in your eyes and face and focus on your game. Our latest iBeach design comes in a neutral solid black. Choose from a narrow and a wide hair tie. All Medzorb products are washable, odor-resistant and antimicrobial and made right here in Indiana. Plus, your purchase supports iBeach31 programs

“Best headband I have found for keeping sweat out of my eyes on a run! I wasn’t sure I would like the ties at first, but once I tried it, I was hooked.

I love that I can make it as tight or as loose as is comfortable for me, and the absorbency is amazing!

I have washed mine several times, and they all (yes, I have several now) still absorb sweat just as well as they did on day one.

Not just for running, either. I bought one for my mom to use when she works in her yard, and she absolutely loves it!

Excellent product, locally made, and worth every penny!!”

~ A.C. Robinson, Indianapolis, USA