The first time I visited Puerto Rico was about 8 months after hurricane Maria. Even then, the devastation we saw was heart-stopping. So many houses destroyed, palm trees fallen, debris everywhere; it was an unimaginable loss.

We arrived at our hotel around 1 am. It was so dark that even the taxi driver was lost, but we could feel the balmy breeze and the loud crashing of the waves. Admittedly, when I noticed how close we were to the still-angry sea, I wondered if we would have to move.

When the sun rose, damage from a smaller recent storm was visible in every direction. Since the hotel was so close to the beach, the street that separated it from the ocean was covered in mountains of displaced sand. The cars that had been parked near the hotel had so much sand under them that they had to be towed them away in order to clear that street.

Despite my initial concerns, our trip quickly turned into a wonderful and memorable experience. During our week long stay, we met some of the warmest people, both from Puerto Rico and all over the world. It was so nice to see visitors and locals enjoying the beauty of this vibrant island, and we were glad to join them.

One of my objectives was to use this family trip as an opportunity to test out our new Medzorb sweat-absorbing and cooling towels under very tough conditions like heat, humidity and sand. I had no idea how much all three of us would come to rely on our towels!

We took some large towel prototypes that were the size of a small beach towel, and some regular sized ones. The smaller ones went everywhere with us. Most days, the temperatures were in the high 80’s and might cool down to 75F. Being near the ocean was nice because of the breeze, but it still felt very hot with the sun is beating down on us, and let’s not forget the humidity! As you might imagine, people were sweating a lot. With my facial hyperhidrosis, I of course, was sweating a TON more than than everyone else…

The locals seem to be better at handling the heat, but even they were sweating! The other tourists were constantly either fanning themselves, wearing hats, drinking lots of water, or simply wearing nasty looking cotton towels on their heads. Basically, sweat was seen on everyone. Being able to have our Medzorb towels and hair ties (I personally prefer those over headbands) was an amazing relief.

When the heat and humidity became unbearable, we wet our towels and hair ties in cold water (thank goodness for our cold water bottles) and used the wet towels for cooling. This quickly proved that Medzorb cooling towels aren’t just a sweat absorption product, but an effective way to keep cool in intense heat. Medzorb saved the day, maybe even the whole trip!

As a scientist, I’m all about data, data and more data…frankly too much data! With that said, had we not tested our towels on a real beach, we wouldn’t have learned that Medzorb towels aren’t just cooling towels, they’re incredible beach towels! The sand does not stick to them, so all you have to do is shake it off! That’s definitely a bonus if you are going to spend most of the day laying on the beach, as my daughter did.

Not only was this one of the best trips to relax and get some much time together, but it ended up giving me the confidence to take Medzorb to the next level. Most importantly, it made me want to return to Puerto Rico as soon as possible.

I deeply believe that this lovely island and it’s beautiful, hospitable people deserve to have their valuable tourism back; so please, if you are wondering about visiting Puerto Rico, stop wondering and start planning your trip! You will not be disappointed. To make the experience even better, order a few Medzorb towels take them with you. After all, they barely take up any space in your luggage!