” I was suffering hormonal issues that caused excessive facial sweating, which negatively impacted my personal and professional life.

After an exhaustive search, I discovered there was no product on the market that could provide rapid absorption and cooling.

As a research neuroscientist, I conducted my own research and found an amazing-high performance fabric. We designed and developed our first product, PetalPatt® facial wipes.

These wipes are in the shape of a flower, providing a stylish and effective way to “pat” the sweat and facial oils from the contours of your face. Plus, the material leaves your skin feeling cool and fresh!

We put our wipes out for testing and the results were extremely positive. We found that our patented PetalPatt® wipes were very effective for women who suffer the sweating and hot-flashes associated with a variety of medical issues, including menopause, hyperhidrosis and even the side-effects of chemotherapy.

In fact, women even love using PetalPatt wipes as lactation pads! So with all the positive reviews, we thought, “let’s expand this product even more.”  If Medzorb products are so effective for excessive sweating, just imagine what they’ll do for those who sweat “normally” during workouts or working outdoors.”