Sweating is part of life, but controlling it shouldn’t require major life changes. I know what it’s like to struggle with excessive sweating, and I wanted to create a sweat absorbing fabric that would be a total game-changer for anyone with a “sweaty” problem.

As you may have read already, Medzorb is the result of my own decade long struggle with hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. I had already been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and various hormonal imbalances as an adult, but it was my major transition from a stable career to entrepreneurship that triggered my anxiety and opened the floodgates of sweat. It was an unexpected and unwelcome surprise.

My facial and cranial sweating was so severe that I couldn’t wear sweaters any more. My entire morning ritual of dressing for the day was focused on what would make me sweat the least, regardless of the season. Factors like weather and temperature weren’t the culprit. No matter whether it was Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, when I started sweating, it poured off my face. Sweat became a daily battle, and it was impacting every part of my life.

Can you imagine standing in front of a crowd delivering a speech, knowing that at any moment you’d start sweating like someone had opened the tap? If this sounds familiar, then I guess that you already know what I’m talking about. You also already understand that it was simply the worst feeling knowing that no matter how well I prepared, I would inevitably sweat and everyone would notice. Sweat wasn’t just a little problem anymore, it was out of control.

Even fans were just a temporary fix. Besides, from a logistical standpoint, fans weren’t a long term or practical solution. Even if I could have brought a fan with me everywhere I went, it would be a bit awkward to use a fan at a meeting, presentation, or the grocery store. Then one day, I was presenting some research at Purdue University (Indiana) and I started sweating. It was more than just sweat, it was the definition of excessive. I pulled out my tissues, but they simply stuck to my face. The more I tried to pretend that there wasn’t liquid pouring from my face, the more the sweat came. I was mortified, and there was no end in sight, even after I resorted to making a menopause joke and wiping myself dry with a towel.

This was my breaking point. I realized that if this continued, I would have to stop giving presentations. It turns out that I’m actually pretty good at public speaking and enjoy sharing ideas with the audience. Cutting this passion out of my life and letting sweat win just wasn’t an option! In trying to control my own sweating, I had already looked tirelessly for a facial wipe that could absorb sweat in one wipe. That product didn’t exist! Then I remembered that I am a scientist. With research, hard work, and a little time, I knew I could find a solution.

At first I thought “how hard can this be? I’ll just figure out the best chemical composition of a material that can absorb a lot of sweat in one pass! I decided that while I was at it, I might as well also add in facial oil absorption. That sounded easy. I had tackled much more complicated research projects. My initial plan was just to make some wipes for myself and solve my own problem.

Unfortunately, the quick solution I imagined wasn’t as speedy as I had hoped for, and I would deal with more than a year of testing many different material compositions and sweating profusely in the lab before I would finally be satisfied with the result. Finally my hard work paid off, and I developed a sweat absorbing fabric that solved my problem definitively! Initially, I thought that I could rest and enjoy my invention, until I realized that what I had created was capable of more than I expected.

Not only did I have something that absorbed sweat in one wipe, it was also:

✅ odor-resistant
✅ anti-microbial.
✅  washable
✅ It could be reused many times without any loss of absorption. (In fact, my Medzorb prototypes absorbed up to 10X the sweat of any cotton towel.)
✅  It was much softer than any other towel or wipe I had ever tried. I have extremely sensitive skin, so it had to be non-irritating to my skin. And it was!!

This absorbent and seemingly magical fabric was so good at absorbing my facial sweat and facial oils that I was strongly encouraged by friends and family to get a patent for this facial wipe! Around this time, my youngest brother came up with the name Medzorb. At the time I thought it was a bit clinical, but today, I know that it’s perfect for my Hyperhidrosis products. After all, they’re both medical and absorbent!

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and when there’s a sweaty problem that needs a solution, now there’s Medzorb! I’m so glad that I committed the time and effort to solve my own problem, and in doing so created something that can help so many others with their own sweat-related challenges.