Our Story

Our Story


At Medzorb we took on the challenge of creating products that keep your skin looking fresh, feeling cool and sweat-free. Thanks to our high-performance Medzorb fabric, we found the solution to your sweat problems. Plus, for every product sold, we donate a portion of the proceeds to programs supporting literacy in children and women.


The Medzorb Story


As a scientist, I have focused on the discovery of novel, effective solutions for solving customer needs. With that said, the customer whose problem I was trying to solve was me. I struggled with various hormonal issues, resulting in excessive facial sweating, which was affecting the quality of my personal and professional life. That led me to look for effective solutions for my sweating problems.


What I found were products that couldn’t provide me the rapid absorption and cool feel that I needed. This led me to research for material that would not only absorb more sweat, but feel soft and be light enough I can use every day. Eventually, I found an amazing-high performance fabric that led to the discovery of our patented, PetalPatt Facial wipes. These wipes are in the shape of a flower and make it a stylish and effective way to “pat” the sweat and facial oils from the contours of your face. Plus, the material leaves your skin feeling cool and fresh!


We then put our wipes out for testing and the results were extremely positive. We found that our patented PetalPatt wipes were very effective for women who suffer hot-flashes associated with a variety of medical issues, including menopause. In fact, women even love using PetalPatt wipes as lactation pads!  So with all the positive reviews, we thought, “let’s expand this product even more.”


Before long, we had made and tested our first Medzorb headbands. We named these headbands Zorby Bands. Our colorful and stylish headbands do an amazing job of absorbing sweat and they won’t slip off your head like many other headbands do. So guess what? – NO MORE BURNING EYES!


With so much positive feedback, we next developed our Zorby Headties and Medzorb Sports Towels. No more being self-conscious about your sweating! Medzorb products are made to keep your skin dry and feeling great!


Our Goals


At Medzorb, our goal is to provide you with the best cooling and sweat-absorbing products, while at the same time, giving back to our community. I am passionate about making education available for children everywhere.  My inspiration for this are my parents, who came to Canada as refugees from Uganda and instilled in us the importance of education.  They worked hard to provide so we could attain our goals.  No child should ever be deprived of the tools she needs to get an education.  And so, I am committing to donate 10% of our sales to local organizations supporting such causes.


We appreciate you visiting us here at Medzorb and invite you to experience the amazing sweat-absorbing power of our products will provide. 


Thank you for supporting Medzorb!


– Nailah Orr, Ph.D.


*All Medzorb products are currently sold online on our website or locally in Carmel, Indiana (USA) at All Things Carmel.

We design and manufacture our products in Indiana, USA. Our products are washable (cold water hand or machine washing) and can be air dried.  Do not use bleach or fabric softener and always wash with similar colors.