Medzorb’s Face Mask keeps you protected and Sweat-free

Protect yourself and your loved ones with our original Medzorb face mask available in our popular Pink Wishes print. In response to the COVID pandemic and the increased need for Face Coverings, we decided to add a sweat-absorbing mask that would provide protection and allow for easy breathing. For this, we used our advanced performance, sweat absorbing, tightly woven Medzorb fabric. The result was a mask that was comfortable to wear under a variety of stressful conditions such as high temperatures and exercise. Our unique design utilizes comfortable elastic gathers at the bridge of your nose, instead of metal strips, so you form a tight seal and minimize eyeglass fogging.

We use a single layer of our amazing, sweat-absorbing Medzorb fabric. Due to the novel tight weave of our fabric, our one-layer mask is extremely light weight, and provides the protection you need. In addition, we use 1/8-inch elastics so that your ears won’t hurt. The BONUS is that your ears won’t hurt, and no more headaches!

In fact, we were so happy with the function and design of our new Medzorb face masks that we shifted our business to make masks to donate to those amazing heroes who were risking their lives to save us all. To date, we have been able to donate over 300 masks to local frontline heroes. They have greatly appreciated these masks and love how well they function. These are not your typical cloth covering or fabric masks.

We are all wearing masks for many hours daily and being able to wear a protective and comfortable mask is critical. Other cloth masks can be irritating and cause acne breakouts, known as Maskne, due to bacterial growth on the skin caused by excessive moisture/sweating. Our masks are now available to you, so you too can experience the comfort of a Medzorb mask.

If you go outside for a run/walk or are considering going to the gym…you NEED a Medzorb mask! Our masks are breathable, comfortable, lightweight, protective, AND sweat absorbing.

Special Features of Our Protective Face Mask in Pink Wishes

  • Available in a one size fits most adults and youth.
  • The comfortable and lightweight design make for an easy to carry and easy to wear sports and safety essential.
  • These masks have the same sweat absorbing and anti-odor properties of other Medzorb products.
  • Made with Medzorb’s Antimicrobial fabric so your chances of getting Maskne are reduced.
  • Wash as often as you need, with like colors, either by hand or machine (no bleach, or fabric softener).
  • Quick drying either in a dryer or by just hanging.
  • All Medzorb products are designed by a woman scientist and each of our products is hand-made locally in Indiana (U.S.A.) by women-owned small businesses.