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Who needs a little black dress when you’ve got the little black towel that keeps you feeling confident and sweat-free? No matter where you’re going, pack your Sweat Absorbing Medzorb® Sports Towel in black. This conveniently sized towel is 8 in by 24 in, the perfect size to keep in your car, gym locker, purse, or backpack.


Our Sweat Towel is made from soft, high-performance Medzorb® fabric that allows it to absorb sweat and still be used as a Cooling Towel. We designed our versatile towel to be extremely gentle to your skin. In fact, unlike most traditional towels, our sweat towels keep your body cooler while quickly absorbing a ton of sweat. Medzorb’s absorbing towels are ideal for any outdoor recreation, high-intensity or high-temperature jobs, gym workouts, or whatever else your day brings. Just tuck your Absorbing Towel in your pocket or waistband or carry it in your backpack or gym bag. If the heat is too much, simply wet this Cooling Towel, wring out excess water and use it around your neck, on your wrist or even on your head. With your Medzorb Towel, you will be ready to tackle your hottest and toughest days! This towel will soon become your favorite accessory for feeling cool, confident, and sweat-free. Try it for yourself and discover the difference between Medzorb®.

Special Features of Medzorb’s Sweat Towel

  • Medzorb® fabric absorbs more sweat and facial oils.
  • Available in a convenient 8 in x 24 in size in a neutral solid black
  • Anti-odor material keeps it fresh after long-lasting workouts.
  • Perfect for any gym workout or outdoors activities
  • Lightweight making it super easy to roll up and keep even in the smallest bag or space.
  • Cooling technology keeps you cool while absorbing your sweat
  • A great accessory for women experiencing menopause or general hot flashes.
  • A must-have for anyone dealing with the embarrassment and challenges of Hyperhidrosis, or any kind of excessive sweating.
  • Perfect for warm or cold weather workouts
  • Hand and machine washable (cold, no bleach, no softener)
  • Created by a woman scientist and made in Indiana, U.S.A. by women-owned small businesses.

Additional information

Weight 2.1 oz
Dimensions 24 × 8 × 0.2 in

1 review for Medzorb’s Original Sweat Towel

  1. Pam McLellan

    Just received my black sports towel & I can’t wait to try it out! The material is so soft and very different from anything I’ve ever tried before. Will definitely be ordering more!!

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