In These Challenging Times of A Global COVID-19 Pandemic


At Medzorb®, like many companies, we’ve shifted our manufacturing focus to help meet the growing need for personal protective equipment (PPE), and just like all Medzorb® products, our soft and sweat absorbent face masks are designed to be effective and comfortable.

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  • Our washable face masks are designed to be long-lasting, comfortable, and convenient.
  • Our lightweight face masks are made from a tightly woven fabric that’s more effective than cotton, so only one layer is needed.
  • Our colorful fabric face masks are available in 4 uplifting patterns.
  • Our comfortable masks can be worn all day. They feature elastic around the nosepiece, preventing rusting and pinching.

Because of the critical need to stop the spread of the COVID-19, we must all wear an effective face mask. Our masks are not only extremely comfortable, but they are also absorbing the facial sweat that is a problem with most other masks.

Order 1 single mask or a 4 pack of face masks online to be shipped within the USA, or choose to purchase local and pickup at All Things Carmel on Main Street in Carmel, Indiana.

The Medzorb® Fabric

+ Medzorb® high-performance fabric absorbs up to 10X more sweat than most other head ties or headwraps

+ Wet it for long-lasting cooling AND sweat absorption

+ Anti-odor material keeps it fresh after long-lasting workouts

+ Anti-microbial can be reused without washing

+Super soft finish means that your skin with love the feel without any irritation


Air dry after use
– Even after you’ve used your Medzorb products, you can simply air dry them and reuse. – No need to wash each time. – Just air dry and pack in your purse, gym bag or put it back in your desk drawer.
Convenient slip-resistant design
– Our headbands and head ties will never slip, they have been gymnast and volleyball  tested. – One size fits most headbands that won’t give you a headache. – Headties can be adjusted tied as tightly as you want. – Best of all, we don’t use any silicone strips or beads for grip.  So, no broken hair!
Anti-microbial so you don’t have to struggle with acne
– Sweat harbors bacteria which can cause acne…not a problem with our products.  No sweat and anti-microbial – Odor-resistant because of quick-drying and anti-microbial, so no stinky bugs
Hand and machine washable (cold, no bleach, no softener)
– Wash as many times as you want and reuse. – Wash with like colors, no bleach or fabric softener.
Manufactured in the U.S.A
– Proudly manufactured in U.S.A. – Proudly supporting local small businesses.

About Dr. Nailah Orr


In 2009, I left a very successful career as a Research Neuroscientist/Biochemist for a Fortune 500 R&D Corporation because of the abuse I was subjected to for my refusal to misrepresent some of my data for the mechanism of action of two key products. 

As you can imagine, this was an extremely difficult time for me and my family. This shock and betrayal, not only affected my pre-existing fibromyalgia but must have caused such a shock to my body, that I developed facial and cranial hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).


“One of the best parts of a Medzorb headband is while it absorbs all that sweat, the fabric doesn’t absorb all the smell, so I can wear it many days in a row before I feel the need to wash it.”

Best headband I have found for keeping sweat out of my eyes on a run! I wasn’t sure I would like the ties at first, but once I tried it, I was hooked. I love that I can make it as tight or as loose as is comfortable for me, and the absorbency is amazing! I have washed mine several times, and they all (yes, I have several now) still absorb sweat just as well as they did on day one. Not just for running, either. I bought one for my mom to use when she works in her yard, and she absolutely loves it! Excellent product, locally made, and worth every penny!!

“I don’t do a workout without this towel. I never was a big fan of using the regular gym towel as it was too rough on the skin and didn’t absorb sweat that well. What’s great about this towel is it absorbs the sweat with one touch and doesn’t smell or stay damp afterward. I love it, especially long runs on the treadmill or full body workouts.”


Feel free to ask us questions or contact us if you would like to buy wholesale or have us design custom products for your teams or groups